Get FREE (or Nearly Free) Amazon Products
Yes it's true! We have an inside track to several Amazon companies that are looking to give away their products, in exchange for you sharing about the brand on Facebook and other social media.
Word of mouth is one of the most powerful things a small business can have when selling on Amazon… which is why brands on Amazon are willing to give away for free (or nearly free) some incredible and popular products! It is a perfect win-win. They win by getting valuable feedback on their amazon product listings… and you win by getting free products that normally cost $15-$50 or more.
It's FREE To Participate, But We Have Some Rules...
Rule #1:
You Agree You Will Mention The Products On At Least One Social Media Property 

The only incentive for these top rated amazon companies to offer their products to you (for free), is that we promise them you will share your opinion about the product and what you like about purchasing from the brand. 

We reserve the right to ask you for proof that you performed your end of the deal. We expect you to hold up your end of the bargain to get all these incredible free products. Cool? :)
Rule #2:
Be Constructive And Helpful! 

If for some reason you are not satisfied with a particular product, we ask you let us know so we can contact the product owner, and see if they can fix the issue. 

We want to maintain the highest quality for the brands we represent. We don’t allow rude or hostile people in our club. Please keep you interaction courteous and professional, just as you would like to be treated.
Rule #3:
Your Social Awareness Post Must Be left Within 5 Days

We promise our amazon partners that they will see social buss for their product in a timely fashion. If you are not compliant, we will remove you from the club and not allow you to come back.

Commonly Asked Questions...
What is your goal?

We strive to make connections with small Amazon retailers and work out deals where they will provide their products free (or nearly free) in exchange for feedback, and social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc…

How often are deals provided?

Since the deals are based upon the Amazon retailers business models, the offers are not provided on a scheduled basis. We are always working to provide as many offers as we can, but please know that some time can pass before a new offer becomes available.

How is this Possible?

Retailers who are reletively small in comparison to big name brands know the power of social media, and are willing to practically give-away a small number of inventory each month in order to establish brand awareness. We reach out to these small business owners and with their permission offer exclusive deals to anyone willing to take advantage of their offers.

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